Greatest Financial Event In History Coming In 90 Days (Gold, Silver, Dollar & More)

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Bo Polny interviewed on USA Watchdog by Greg Hunter

This is the 50th year of the U.S. dollar being taken off the gold standard by President Nixon in August of 1971. This made the U.S. dollar a debt instrument, and it is called a Federal Reserve Note. The word “note” means it is a debt instrument. This will be a bad year for the U.S. dollar, and it has already been declining in value. Look at recent inflation data, and it is clear more dollars are needed to buy just about everything. In Biblical terms, a Jubilee year is a 50th year where debts are canceled and slaves are released from bondage. Polny explains, “If you go to our October interview (2020) after the start of the (Jewish) New Year in September, the dollar would be in the Jubilee cycle. So, the dollar would be in a downward cycle, a Jubilee cycle, and there is going to be a massive event in the dollar somewhere between September and August of 2021. That’s September of last year and August of this year 2021. So, we’ve basically got 90 days left for the dollar to get a major haircut. A Jubilee is something where you are supposed to follow the word and the Laws of God. If you don’t . . . God is going to make it happen. . . . The dollar has been in a down cycle since September of last year, and they are fighting to prop it up. Within about three months, silver, gold and crypto currencies are going to rip vertical because when the dollar breaks, everything opposite of it shoots vertical.”

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