Green energy policies are destroying their economy. Apart from anyone with half a brain, who could have predicted it?


CHANGE: Euro falls below parity with the dollar. What’s the impact? “A currency’s exchange rate can be a verdict on economic prospects, and Europe’s have been fading. Expectations that the economy would see a rebound after turning the corner from the COVID-19 pandemic have been replaced by recession predictions. More than anything, high energy prices and record inflation are to blame.”

The UK’s flagship policy to limit global warming is becoming threatened by energy prices and the broader cost of living crisis. The government says the answer to limiting greenhouse gas emissions is to switch homes from fossil fuel energy supplies to greener heat pumps. However, the reality of the situation is that most cannot afford the ten thousand pound switch to sustainable energy.


DUMB: California, the Brownout State, Will Mandate Electric Cars by 2035. “Curiously, California made no announcements today regarding increased electricity production.”


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Shot: California will ban new gas-powered vehicles sales starting in 2035.

The Verge, today.

Chaser: California Issues ‘Flex Alert’ to Combat Rolling Blackouts, Energy Plan Failing.

California — under the illustrious leadership of Gov. Gavin Newsom — has asked its residents to avoid their air conditioners in the midst of a heat wave to prevent rolling blackouts, again.

Sounds like California is indeed the fifth largest economy…in the third world.

Outkick the Coverage, Friday.


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