Green Revolution? Solar And Wind Produced Just 3% Of Global Energy In 2018

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Wind and solar energy generation is growing, but it’s still an incredibly small part of the global energy mix, according to statistics compiled by the oil giant BP.

Meanwhile, fossil fuels — coal, natural gas and oil — accounted for 85% of global energy consumption in 2018, BP reported Tuesday as part of its annual energy report.

In fact, BP reported the U.S. led the world in oil and natural gas production growth. U.S. petroleum output saw the biggest annual growth ever recorded in any country, BP said.

In other words, shale is booming. The U.S. surpassed Saudi Arabia and Russia in 2018 to become the world’s largest oil-producing nation. (RELATED: Democrats Spend Climate Change Hearing Avoiding Talking About The Green New Deal)

“Oil remains the most used fuel in the energy mix,” BP reported in its annual energy review. “Coal is the second largest fuel but lost share in 2018 to account for 27%, its lowest level in 15 years. The share of natural gas increased to 24%, such that the gap between coal and gas has narrowed to three percentage points.”.
“The growth in coal demand was the second consecutive year of increases, following three years of falling consumption,” BP chief economist Spencer Dale said in a presentation Tuesday.…al-energy/

Despite the negative press coal is in recovery mode,
Date: 13/06/19 Graham Lloyd, The Australian
Global coal production (up 4.3 per cent) and consumption (up 1.4 per cent) has increased at their fastest rate for five years.



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