Green Sacrifice! Ford Plans Up to 8,000 Job Cuts to Help Fund Investments in EVs (Gasoline Prices UP 55% Under Biden, Food UP 22%, Mortgage Rates UP 87%)

by confoundedinterest17

This is green sacrifice. Of jobs, that is.

Ford Motor Company plans to sacrifice 8,000 jobs to help fund investments in electric vehicles. The job cuts will come from internal combustion gasoline vehicles. Transportation Secretary “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg loves high gasoline prices since he wants the US to transition to electric vehicles (good luck trying to charge one or replace the uber-expensive battery when it fails).

Despite recent declines, US gasoline prices are up 55% under Biden. Food prices are up 22%. And for those people who can afford to buy a home, mortgage rates are up 87%.

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Crude oil futures are down almost 5% today. On slowing global demand.

Mayor Pete needs to get out more. Ford’s electric F-150 (Lightning) starts at $77k for the Lariat edition with an extended range battery. Not exactly affordable for the middle class. And Mayor Pete needs to wait in line at a Wawa store with the 10 other cars/trucks trying to charge.

On a personal note, I am furious with Ford for their transmission and electrical problems in my 4-banger Explorer. Back to a GMC Acadia (gasoline-powered V-6) for me!!



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