Gregory Mannarino: Prelude To THE BIG ONE

by Dunagun Kaiser via Reluctant Preppers with Greg Mannarino

The US president says all is well and we’ve got the strongest economy ever…

..Why then is Trump calling for an immediate and drastic stimulus rate cut?

..Why then is the Fed is planning to put in place an unprecedented rule to shore up the biggest banks, which they’ve been saving until economic risks are “meaningfully above normal?”

..And why is the US Treasury bond yield curve inverting, as it did before each major recession and depression in history?

Gregory Mannarino, the “Robin Hood of Wall Street,” comes back to Reluctant Preppers to answer YOUR viewer questions on: gold & silver, the tell-tale warning signs of a coming meltdown, the infamous yield curve inversion – and what ALWAYS happens after it “snaps back,” ways to protect your family, and what to watch so you can be aware and prepared!

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