Group calling for a Nationwide shutdown strike over mandates

Attorney Leigh Dundas joins the MAGA Institute Podcast to share the seismic event that will rock this nation next month. As Leigh notes, this country runs on the backs of our blue-collar workers who manufacture, transport, and stock all the products in our stores, generate all our electricity, run our airports, etc.

Axe the Vax Walkout Employees in the healthcare, education, telecom, and supply chain/transport industries, as well as public sector employees whose employers are mandating the genetic therapy injections are organizing a national strike from November 8th-11th to bring the economy to its knees, so people can see what an impact illegal vax mandates will have on their lives.

Stand strong and stand together!

As people who have been paying attention know, there are NO FDA-approved shots currently available in the United States. FDA played bait-and-switch with two smoke and mirrors letters issued the same day to provide political cover for corrupt politicians and corporations to begin mandating that people get jabbed…or else.

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What actually occurred was that the first letter concerned a Biological License Application (BLA) was approved, to permit marketing of COMIRNATY, which is NOT currently available in the United States, provided that the marketing materials are subsequently approved. The second letter said that the Pfizer/BioNTech formulation was clinically identical to COMIRNATY. It did NOT “approve” the Pfizer/BioNTech injection.


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