Grow Food, Not Lawns! – Couple Fights For Right To Grow Their Own Food

Josh Sigurdson reports on a couple who’ve been growing their own food (half of their supply of food each year) on their front lawn for 17 years. Hermine Ricketts and her husband, Tom Carroll were handed a notice by their local government in Miami that they must dig up their garden. According to the code inspector from Miami Shores Village, they can only have short grass, sod or low growing plants. Not fruits and vegetables.
More useless absurd regulations.
They were told that they could grow it in their backyard, but when they had first moved into the house many years earlier, they attempted to grow their food in the back yard only to fail due to shade.
The couple has fought this in court for years now. On August 25th, 2016, Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge Monica Gordo ruled that prohibiting vegetable gardens in front yards doesn’t restrict anyone’s fundamental rights.
So according to Gordo, restricting one of the most fundamental right a human being intrinsically has, property rights is not a restriction of anyone’s fundamental rights. Talk about crazy!
In November 2017, the Florida’s Third District Court Of Appeal sided with Gordo.
So individuals who attempt to actually be independent and grow their own. People who don’t depend on the government and banking system are told they do not have property rights? This is what we’ve come to folks. Nothing is sacred anymore.
Life, liberty and property mean the world to humanity and to take that away is to starve one of their very humanity.