Guess how much WA State governor wants to spend to “fight” homelessness

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by DCG

Liberal utopia of Seattle/Q13 Fox photo

You will not believe the amount of taxpayer dollars Gov. Jay Inslee wants to spend to fight homelessness in his state. Actually, it’s not surprising at all.

What IS surprising is the small impact the MILLIONS of dollars will have in solving anything associated with the homeless industrial complex.

You can read the whole story about the governor’s plan here at I’m just pulling excerpts of the governor’s initiatives. Take a look at these numbers (which are in addition to Seattle and King County’s numbers):

Total amount the governor will include in 2020 supplemental budget: $146 million
Total cost over three years: $300 million 
$66 million to “reduce the point-in-time count of unsheltered individuals by 1,890 
$15.4 million to provide permanent supportive housing for 1,080 people

It’s been four years since former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray declared a homeless emergency. And it’s been 14 years since King County developedtheir ten-year plan to end homelessness. During this whole time, the area has been run by progressives.

In Seattle/King County they currently spend ONE BILLION taxpayer dollars annually to “fight” homelessness.

Guess the plan is to never actually “end” homelessness but rather just “fight” it. Courtesy of taxpayers, of course.



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