Guess What? BOEING’s 737 MAX 8 are still 100% grounded & may never fly again due to CRITICAL DESIGN FLAWS by IGNORAMUSES via H1-B VISA Program…

I am going to re-iterate that the Max 8 may kill Boeing.

If it does not kill Boeing, it is going to maim the company well into the future.

Reason: Because it is a piece of crap put together by FOREIGN engineers who started life cooking with cow dung, got a less than stellar diploma, and then wooed a foolish SJW with “Me better than white male”.

FACT: If the problem with this plane could be rectified, they would all be flying now.

If they are not flying by now, they never will fly.

A multi billion dollar company is in a major push to try to solve the problems with this plane, and $10 billion later got nothing in the air again.

To repeat what is obviously happening to these planes, after eyewitnesses saw one dropping clothes and papers before it crashed (which means the fuselages are splitting open) and this has NEVER been stated by the MSM but you can damn well bet I am right – The super long portions of the forward fuselages are breaking and nosing up. This tells a sensor the plane’s nose is too high. 

The sensor then does a nose down, but the wings are also pointed down afterward. The sensor gets itself to “level” but if the nose of the plane is bent upward, what does “level” mean? No one lived to tell about it.

All because “boeing already solved all design issues so foreigners could now take over building their aircraft” and “paying white male engineers” cost too much when they are crap anyways! Now at least a few of the white male engineers are on the job, trying to re-design the entire aircraft so it will be airworthy.

An idiot SJW in management is saying “The plane is not that bad, we won’t approve what you are suggesting”, you are NOT that great and your opinion is NOT that valid . . . . . meanwhile, the company dies.

Whether or not it is game over for Boeing is specifically dependent upon whether or not the SJW’s stay in place.

I predict if it took this long already, Boeing is TOAST. The proper people will not be fired, they will instead hold Boeing in a medusa’s trance of “diversity” until the company turns to stone and vanishes into the fog.




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