Guess what? no FBI or any other govt has had access to DNC or Podesta servers. relying on firm hired by DNC

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The info is not new, but has been buried. With all the flame up, this should be disseminated far and wide. The FBI did ask the DNC and Podesta for access to their severs, to investigate the hacks. Both have refused to this day. The sole reason the FBI and other intelligence agencies are claiming Russia is behind the hack is based analysis of a private company hired by the fucking DNC. This company always blames the Russians and have been proved in the past.
According to the Hill, DNC wouldn’t let FBI examine the servers.
According to Buz zFeed, DNC said FBI never asked.
Of course the DNC/Podesta didn’t want the FBI to examine there servers. We learn Crowdstrike is the only source that has examined the servers. Next, il show you wrongly blaming the Russians for a total unrelated hack.
Think Tank: Cyber Firm at Center of Russian Hacking Charges Misread Data
So this company has wrongly accused Russia before. It was hired by the DNC, IMHO to tow the DNC line. Folks this has been a set up by the DNC, the Clinton campaign and Obama Whitehouse from he get go. They originally wanted to use this before the election, they decided not for 2 reasons.
1 They were worried it backfire when nothing was found.
2 they thought they had the election bagged.
Now a reporter trying to get this into the MEAN news cycle may lose his job for bring to light already known facts.
So this hoopla is all over some 3rd rate company blaming Russia.
We need the committee that is investigating all this to actually have access to the DNC/Podesta servers or the need to shut the f*ck up.

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