Gun shop discovers ATF and FBI FORGED their documents to illegally run assault weapons in Fast and Furious scandal

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SS: ATF/FBI Gun Running scandals and conspiracies. One of those guns was used in the Bataclan attack
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12 thoughts on “Gun shop discovers ATF and FBI FORGED their documents to illegally run assault weapons in Fast and Furious scandal

  1. Like we didin’t know.
    At least the “Wide Receiver” gun walking sting had GPS trackers in the guns and was coordinated with the Mexican Government.
    When the bad guys discovered the tracking devices the program was shut down.
    “Fast and Furious” was an obama attempt to restrict our gun rights by claiming Americans were gun running to Mexican cartels.

    • Americans “were” running Guns to Mexican Cartels they were obama & Holder’s Americans forcing Honest American Gun Dealers to Break the Law. And not a Damn thing was done about it except “Contempt of Congress” which the Rat Holder probably wears like a Badge of Honor..!!!

  2. I can’t find a statute that gives special dispensation for any branch of the govt to break the gun law, nor any authority in the constitution. would anyone care to point out precisely where that authority rises from?

    • It was an unconstitutional authority that congress gave to the 4th branch of government called Administrative Law. Under Administrative Law is the ATF, IRS, FBI, DHS, EPA, etc, who make their own laws, that circumvent the Constitution.

      • That “Administrative Law” should never conflict with the “Law of all of the States” and THAT Law is the Constitution for all of the United States, equally applied across the ENTIRE Country as the Founders intended. That is how I see it…

  3. Government corruption? You’ve got to be kidding not in America this is not a Banana Republic……..CA is but the now the Whole Country?

  4. There is no statute of limitations on murder. The fast and furious case needs to be re-opened by Session’s DOJ. There are people in high positions that are tied to this, and they need to be exposed and brought to justice.

  5. Why are we not prosecuting every employee we are paying for for failure to honor their oaths of employment? They, each and every one,, President, Congressman, Judge, Secretary, military member and bureaucrat swears to do so – is this a meaningless and unconsequential charade? Their oaths are to support and defend our Constitution – without reservation!

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