Gun Violence at Hawaii Volcano – It’s Heating Up!

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Check out this raw video on facebook:

Update:Aloha! Thank you everyone for your compassion, love and support throughout the last 48 hours and this entire crazy amazing life altering month of May on the Big island of Hawaii!In the face of all that's happened to Briana and I (losing our living space to lava, being shot at while trying to have closure with our loss) we are still #punastrong.Our dreams remain the same. All we wish for is to have a safe space in a lava 3 or higher zone) to grow food, raise our first child (a canine named: Korben "Chewie" Calrissian) and sustain our clowning and solar shave ice food cart business so that we may continue to keep our community smiling through these troubled times and beyond. Briana's sister had the foresight to set up a gofund me account when this all began. Here is the link to our campaign. Any financial support we could recieve at this time would be greatly appreciated and will be used towards achieving our dreams listed above. are grateful and open to recieve any support, gifts or blessings as we move forward towards rebuilding our future. We are available to connect and look forward to meeting anyone who reaches out with goodwill. Mahalo.Written with all our light, love and laughter,Brianna Spangler & Ethan Edwards (and Korben too)Edit: Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license the content requested. for all media inquriies. Thank you!This was my yesterday. Happy to be alive. Be careful out there folks. This situation is really beginning to take its toll psychologically and the bad weather is contributing to emotional tensions. Folks are breaking down.Briana Spangler was present along with Aurorah Davis Lauren Kaech and Preston Cook. We're all ok physically. Just shaken psychologically.The police were called immediately and the shooter is in custody at this time.Update: His name is John Hubbard. Looks like he's been a community menace for awhile. Stand up to bullies to prevent another person from being their next victim.

Posted by Ethan O Edwards on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

There’s a snippet about it in this YouTube video starting at 1:33.

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Hawaii local, John Hubbard, opens fire on neighbor, Ethan Edwards, for trespassing. It seems clear that Mr. Hubbard was trying to scare Edwards off and not hit him, but he does point the gun at Edwards multiple times and it seems things could easily get out of control. (Some would say things already are out of control.)

The volcano is heating up more than just the molten lava.

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