Gundlach says there could be a huge short squeeze in bonds which would send yields down and the dollar down. Could also make Gold rise from here in a big way.

What do you think?

Here is the article:

Gundlach warns record bond speculation could cause big move in interest rates –

Here is a summary of my current positioning and trades.

Closed Positions Today

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  1. Short XOP Puts September-21st-40 Strike Shorted at .96 on 8/13/18 Bought back at .71 (26% Gain)

Current Short Term Outlook:

  1. Bullish Volatility
  2. Bullish Gold Miners
  3. Bearish Oil & Gas Co’s

Current Open Positions:

  1. Long VIX Calls Sept-19th-12 Strike (Cost 2.80)
  2. Long GDX Calls Sept-21st-20 Strike (.60 Average Cost Basis)
  3. Long XOP Puts Sept-21st-42 Strike (Cost 1.75)

14 Closed Trades in August

13.78% Average Gain per Trade in August


h/t JayFig_The_Trader


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