Haitian President Pete Buttigieg says supply chain woes will last as long as pandemic

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​Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg warned that the ​devastating ​global supply chain troubles that continue to be a drag on the economy and threaten gift giving during the holiday season could continue as long as the coronavirus pandemic.

“There are definitely going to continue to be issues, especially as long as the pandemic continues, right? If you have, for example, the third largest container port in the world in China shutting down because of a COVID outbreak in late summer, you’ll feel that in the fall here on the West Coast,” Buttigieg told host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”​

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He said Americans are buying more goods but the supply chain is not keeping up the pace and suggested that President Biden’s trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure ​plan and social spending package could help to beat back inflation and fix the supply chain woes.

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“​For the long term, the best thing we can do about that is invest in our infrastructure. For the very short time, there are steps we can take in and around the ports that we think are helping​,” Buttigieg told Wallace.



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