Half Of Canadian Teens Stare At Their Phone For 2+ Hours A Day! (Freedom Minute)

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Josh Sigurdson does another quick Freedom Minute update!
Recent studies show that around 50% of Canadian teens stare at their phones for at least 2 hours a day. 45% of survey respondents feel cell phone companies aren’t doing enough about it.
Now this could be terrible. The zombie uprising.
However, this may not actually turn out to be a bad thing.
What if people are finally breaking free from the bread and circuses. There used to be a major problem with people staring at newspapers for hours a day. Television as well. Now it’s their phones which includes the internet, history’s greatest tool of education!
Hollywood is losing massive viewership. Mainstream media is losing massive viewership. Sports channels and franchises like the NFL are losing massive public support and demand. This is the bread and circuses. That which brought down Rome.
While people are distracted from the chaos around them, they stay apathetic. But regardless of how right or wrong some of those rising up today are, they’re mad because the distraction mechanisms aren’t working anymore. The bread and circuses have failed.
So if we spread information around and promote truth and education online, we can truly impact these kids staring at their phones all day. They can surely learn more from doing so than going to public schools.
Let’s make sure to mould this situation into positive results!

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