David Hogg Wants to go on Alex Jones Show. Alex Jones Accepts, but now Hogg cancels

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He calls Alex Jones a shit journalist and says “I’d love to come on” twitter.com/davidhogg111/status/968504532819988483
Alex Jones responds:
Then David hogg chickened out:

Hogg is also making fun of Alex Jones’s weight on twitter:

Only hours after issuing the challenge David Hogg backs down from debating Alex Jones.
h/t Spider_Goat7

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10 thoughts on “David Hogg Wants to go on Alex Jones Show. Alex Jones Accepts, but now Hogg cancels

  1. His mother works for the C ia N ews N etwork (CIA runs CNN) and his father is an FBI agent……and all three are lying liberals.

  2. A Hogg that won’t eat out of his own trough.
    Here is a sneak peak from the producers of CNN Soap:
    Meanwhile, as we continue our series of “As The World Guns”, this next episode takes place in the town of Dalton, Georgia and the title of today’s episode will be “Teacher With A Gun”.
    The setting of scene 1 takes place in a classroom of course, but the script will stray from the norm this time and will involve the teacher, who will later be found to be mentally ill but was issued a gun anyway as a means of protecting the children from the next lone gunman that will inevitably come to shoot the school up. Also, straying from the predictable scenario, this episode will not involve the shooting of any children due to the make up crew having scheduled the day off. Instead, the crazed teacher will randomly fire his murder device and shoot up the classroom.
    The police will play the role of the hero in this episode by arriving on the scene quickly and taking the crazed gun owner into custody. We don’t want to give away the entire plot, but, the underlying moral that will be conveyed in this episode will be that issuing guns to teachers to protect students from “the lone gunman” plot, will just turn teachers into lone gunmen and having them in possession of a gun in a classroom will force them to shoot and kill all of the students.
    Thanks for tuning in and watching this episode of “As The World Guns” and stay tuned for another episode as the plot gets even thicker. As we experiment in plot twists from time to time, we assure our viewers that the overall theme will always be the same. Guns must be destroyed at any cost to prevent children at schools from being attacked and shot by a gun and the well established fact that all gun owners are just future mass murderers so people can’t have guns. It is the only way to prevent guns from killing people. This is CNN, the most trusted name in the business.

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