Half the nation worried Biden not ‘physically and mentally up to the job’

Half the nation worried Biden not ‘physically and mentally up to the job’

It doesn’t take much for the nation’s vot­ers to become con­cerned that Pres­i­dent Biden, the old­est new chief exec­u­tive at 78 years old, might not be up for the job.

The lat­est proof: His resis­tance to hold­ing a full-blown press con­fer­ence now 49 days into his pres­i­den­cy has half the coun­try worried.

In the lat­est Ras­mussen Reports sur­vey of like­ly vot­ers, 50% said they are not con­fi­dent that “Joe Biden is phys­i­cal­ly and men­tal­ly up to the job of being pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed States.” Anoth­er 48% have con­fi­dence in Biden, though only 34% were “very con­fi­dent” that he was up to the job.

Dri­ving that, Ras­mussen said, was Biden’s refusal to meet with reporters. He has had some inter­ac­tions with the small pool of reporters, but his some­times awk­ward speak­ing style has led to crit­i­cism. And the White House has recent­ly cut short his appearances.

Worst Yet: Biden Forgets Everything During Speech

Pres. Biden appears to for­get the name of the Pen­ta­gon and the name of the Sec­re­tary of Defense, Lloyd Austin:

“I want to thank the — for­mer general…the guy who runs that out­fit over there. I want to make sure we thank the Secretary.”


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