Hard truths that no one wants to hear right now.

Hard truths that no one wants to hear right now:

1. Life is never going back to “normal”.

2. 90%+ of humanity will catch the virus sooner or later. No one has immunity. We are just slowing down the rate people get infected to try and keep healthcare from collapsing. You arent magically going to self isolate for 2 months and have the virus disappear and go back to work/vacations, etc.

3. The greatest depression is looming. 30%+ will be unemployed soon. During the height of the great depression there was 24.9% unemployed.

4. Most critical thinking people understand there is a high probability this virus is man made and biological warfare. We have sent military and continuity of government to bunkers in Colorado. War is on the horizon.

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5. Worldwide government is being pushed by elites and their political stooges and the pressure to for a world government will increase daily, especially after the depression comes into view.

6. The crimewave has already started in most major cities, authorities are letting people out of jails who have no money or place to go in many cases. The crime will just accelerate as people are made more desperate by economic and viral conditions.

Sorry to be real and depressing, but as someone who pays attention to world events from 100’s of news sources and critically thinks through the propaganda, I can tell you with certainty that life will never be the same and preparing yourself to the best of your abilities for the worst case is absolutely the smartest thing you can do right now.


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