Harvard Trained Economist: It’s More Of A Stock Market Correction Than A Stock Market Crash

by Harry Dent of Economy & Markets

Markets have had support at around 2,530 on the S&P 500 and 23,300 on the Dow. Those were the early 2018 low off the last market crash. And they’ve broken through those levels.

But they still have dropped to levels that definitively say the crash has started.

So, I’ve been tracking the Dow versus the 1929 crash (early months) and the Nasdaq versus the 2000 crash. And I’ve gotta tell ya, this turmoil still looks more like a correction than a crash.

I explain what I’m seeing in the charts, and what I’m watching for in today’s video.

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Watch it now.

Markets yesterday came very close to an important trend level on the S&P 500. But the fact that it didn’t break that long term trend line gives me pause.

Tune-in to this important update with the embedded video below (volume off by default – you will need to turn it on):

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