Has anyone noticed the abundance of “Do It Yourself” Youtube channels with videos almost exclusively pushing you to “just buy it instead” and making every attempt at creating something look crappy and useless?

by UsingUsernamesIn2018

I’m not talking about “Can you make a car? No, Just buy one.” I’m talking about things that are easily made yourself and typically are better than bought, but every Youtube guide incarnation shows nothing but fuckups. It’s like the old TV shows where they’d portray someone in blackface acting like a fool. “Watch the DIY man flail pointlessly as they fail, yet again!” when you and I both know they are capable.

One such example is the channel “GreatScott.”
Seems like every one of Greatscott’s DIY or buy videos ends with “I bought unecessary parts that cost more than the commercial one and screwed it up so it doesn’t work, just buy one.”
And every video there’s people pointing out stuff like “Why’d you buy 2 layers of glass for 100 bucks when acrylic would’ve done a better job?” and ways in which, if he hadn’t messed up, it would’ve worked.

Even when he succeeds like when he made a soldering station, he ends up making a gimped version (people pointed out in the comments a mistake he made that essentially halved it’s effectiveness)

The channel “How to Make Everything” is another good another example, constantly failing to do things because of their own fault, such as the “microscope” video where they inexplicably use eggshells instead of limestone, which messes up the glass’s colour due to the sulfur in them.
And despite being fine spending ages picking up ostrich eggs, decides he can’t wait a day or 2 to use a kiln so he has to make his own, seemingly does no research, and messes up the transparency of the glass due to just how bad the kiln was.

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There’s tens if not hundreds more examples on these channels, and many many more similar-veined channe;s but these are what come straight to mind.

You can see in the older videos by William Osman such as his Stroboscope or skateboard videos just how much quality and real usability everything is designed with. Things work. And yet? He’s lazy. He does dumb stuff. So how is it that his shitty efforts produce a much better product than every “Pro Maker” channel?

To make you think you can’t and it’s only something that can be done by someone who’s worked in a related industry for 10 years. Most people I know who are into DIY can do so much better than these channels. So why are they so much worse than the average person?



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