Has the TrumpTrain Derailed? Or Has the Media Continued to Misreport the Current Administration? A Record 60% of Americans Disapprove of the President

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by Robert Carbery

Doug Wead’s encapsulating look at the 2016 election, Game of Thorns: The Inside Story of Hillary Clinton’s Failed Campaign and Donald Trump’s Winning Strategy, is a well written and well balanced narrative that tells the whole story about how Trump won and why Clinton lost. I highly recommend it to any political junkie who just can’t get enough of the monumental election we just witnessed.
Liberals are still trying to contemplate what really happened. Hillary Clinton living in denial and blaming it on Comey, Russia, the DNC and not herself, does not make it any easier to move on. Breaking Tuesday night was a story showing just how desperate Democrats are becoming when WaPo stated that “Nearly 200 Democratic members of Congress agreed to file a lawsuit Wednesday against President Trump alleging that by retaining interests in a global business empire he has violated constitutional restrictions on taking gifts and benefits from foreign leaders.” Can’t we have a successful businessman also be the president? The liberal meltdown over the Donald continues unabated.
While the left is looking to still bring Trump down, it’s close friend, the media, continues to misreport the reality of the Trump administration while misunderstanding the voters that propelled him to power. In speaking about how voters in Middle America would decide the election in the final pages of Wead’s insightful tale, he wrote of how the mainstream media coastal elite would not persuade the Trump voter. They would appeal to the California and New York liberals to come out and help Hillary win the popular vote. But they would not do what they needed to do and convince who they really needed to convince.  
“And they would not likely be steamrolled by the drumbeat of Hollywood, and bare-breasted New York women and hyperventilating, self-important news anchors who imagined that their misrepresentations were passing unnoticed over the heads of unemployed Rust Belt workers like the jets they flew from coast to coast” (376). The media continue to live in their bubbles and look down on Middle America to this day. They have done nothing to change their ways. Their attempt to take down this president through misinformation has been blatant and shameful. And voters showed them last November who really runs this country.
Despite record high stock prices, 4-decade low jobless claims, and near-record high optimism from small business owners, Gallup reports that the percentage of Americans who disapprove of the job President Trump has done so far has risen to a record 60% this week. We all know polls only mean so much, as we learned in last year’s election, but putting it in historical perspective brings more significance to the number. Gallup certainly polls and leans left but they are still reputable.
Let’s look into why Trump is so unpopular.
The president has said, “Never has there been a president, with few exceptions — in the case of F.D.R. he had a major Depression to handle — who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things than what we’ve done,” and yet, the media continues to ignore any kind of achievement only to amplify supposed controversies with little actual significance behind them. The Trump-Russia collusion narrative imploded before the country during the Comey testimony so now they are looking for other reasons to take him down. These numbers are certainly higher after Trump left the Paris climate accord June 1, which angered many liberals and fear mongering climate change activists who seem to have all the answers.
Scrutiny around the June 8 testimony of former FBI Director James Comey still likely added to the displeasure of American voters as many fell into the MSM-laid trap that the Comey hearings actually hurt the president. It is easy to be persuaded if you choose slanted sources for your news. The ratings remain low and have been low throughout much of Trump’s presidency as polarization continues to accelerate during these divisive times.
Trump’s 8% approval rating among Democrats is no surprise. They will hate and disapprove of any Republican president. His 83% approval among Republicans is nothing to scoff at. But again, a strong majority will solidly back any Republican president they can hold onto, regardless of the job he or she is doing. Among independents, however, Trump’s approval is only 31%, which is five points lower than the average for this group.
Who is to say why the numbers are so low? They could be wrong. They could be incomplete. Or they could very well be doctored to feed into the public opinion developing amongst your chattering classes that the president is in over his head and is corrupt and of course colluding with the Russians.
The polls are the polls. It is important to remember how wide our country runs from coast to coast. With this great land mass comes similarly vast political divisions. We need to start healing these wounds and stop with the bomb-chucking that has started on our campaign trails, entered the halls of Congress, and has now spilled into the streets of Seattle and other cities nationwide as we saw over last weekend’s anti-Sharia law protests/clashes. Things are only going to get uglier this summer as the political violence increases alongside the rising temperatures.
Better bring your sunscreen.

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4 thoughts on “Has the TrumpTrain Derailed? Or Has the Media Continued to Misreport the Current Administration? A Record 60% of Americans Disapprove of the President

  1. As an Independent who disapproves (but is still glad that Trump won the election because Hitlery would be even worse), I’m pretty sure the Trump Train derailed because of the insane mess that is his foreign policy.
    He promised non-interventionism and an end to empire building. Instead, we got direct attacks on Syria’s government troops (instead of helping them defeat the real terrorists), constant saber-rattling on North Korea and Iran, a mess in Qatar, huge weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, a MOAB in Afghanistan, and now the announcement that insane warmonger Mattis can send as many troops to Afghanistan as he wants.
    That’s almost as bad as Hitlery’s ideas. What’s next? Will he nuke Syria and then claim about Assad “We came, we saw, he died”?
    On top of that, the health care reform turned out to be little more than Obamacare 2.0 – when a major overhaul was needed.
    He’s not delivering.
    Of course to some extent the corporate media is to blame – he can’t focus on what he has to do while he constantly has to defend himself against insane charges of “Russia!” that are about as credible as the charges that Obama is a shapeshifting reptilian space alien who shredded his birth certificate because it said born on Mars.
    That somewhat excuses him from not doing the right things – but it doesn’t excuse him from actually doing the wrong things (like extending the Syria mess).

    • Who knows the strategy? I’d suppose you’d want to look and act like your enemy while working to subvert them behind the scenes…much like ZOG does worldwide on behalf of Israel.

  2. FOOLISH bull, all the US NUMBERS ARE COOKED to fit the SCAMS!
    NO AUDITS SINCE 911, NO CRIMINALS like the GOLF BUM in chains for ANY CRIME BLA HA HA HA just more BULL!

  3. sigh,.. the FAKE LYING MEDIA have recently taught us that NOTHING THEY POLL CAN EVER BE BELIEVED.. they lie, cheat skew and have the audacity to remove and ignore polls that don’t support the official government zionist fake jew narrative!

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