Have you ever heard of Google’s “Selfish Ledger” (2018)?

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by Chris Black

The presentation was leaked and has been framed as a “harmless thought experiment.”

In brief:

– A “ledger” is all of the data, on every aspect of your life, that big tech has tracked, recorded, cataloged

– It is the digital equivalent of DNA

– Like DNA, ledgers are multi-generational and inherited from individual to individual

– “The mass of historical user data [makes it] possible to make increasingly accurate predictions about decisions and future behaviors”

– “It may be possible to develop a species-level understanding of complex issues, such as health, depression, and poverty” [It’s for your health!]

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– Mass multi-generational examination of ledgers could allow people to engage in ‘behavioral sequencing’, like gene sequencing with DNA

– As with DNA, people would be able to “target parts of the sequence and modify them in order to achieve a desired result”

In other words, Google’s data tracking is being used for species-scale behavioral engineering.

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