Hawaii COVID Vax-passport requirement. Update- TRUE

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ou heard it here first, rumor on the street is that the tards in charge here in Hawaii will announce a vax-pass requirement tomorrow (Friday) for restaurants, bars, and gyms.

This place is straight trash. Save your money, go to Mexico. The idiots here elect dumbasses over and over again. Oh, the largest community not vaxxed??? Our native Hawaiians and Polynesians on the Westside and many of our Filipino friends throughout the island (Oahu). Guess it is yet another regressive form of bigotry and subtle racism. Typical libs.

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I’m out. Taking a better paying job in another location (not this window-licking state) because the family can no longer stand the covidiots here, Ige, Green, and now Blangiardi.

Yep, they are pushing forward…as early as Labor Day weekend.


HONOLULU (KHON2) — The state is poised to roll out a COVID vaccine passport to get into gyms, bars, and restaurants. The governor says he hopes to have it up and running by Labor Day.

Businesses would not be required to implement the vaccine passport. Some say it would actually be a lot simpler if the state just mandated it.

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