Hawaii is trying to force 70% of it’s residents to take the COVID vax and if they don’t, lockdown continues.

How is this ok?

RIP in advance to all of the idiots who are trading their health for an hour at the beach by volunteering to take the death shots. THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT FORCE PEOPLE TO GET SHOTS AGAINST THEIR WILL. This isn’t the gotdamn Tuskeegee Experiment!!! People have FREE WILL.

Gov. Ige is an asshole for this. How can his wimpy ass get recalled????????

Article below:

Gov. David Ige announced today that beginning June 15, the state will be ending restrictions on intercounty travel between the Hawaiian islands and extend the quarantine exemption for returning Hawaii travelers who verify being fully vaccinated in the state.

“Those returning who have been vaccinated in the state with one or both shots will be able to travel (to the mainland) without having to get a pre-travel test and can arrive here in the islands and not be subject to quarantine,” Ige said.

Ige also said once Hawaii reaches 60% fully vaccinated statewide, visitors from the mainland U.S. may skip the current mandatory 10-day quarantine period or COVID-19 testing if they can provide proof of vaccination status.

“We would be working to verify that electronically,” said Ige, adding that the cards from mainland visitors can also be verified manually.

When Hawaii reaches the goal of 70% vaccinated statewide, essentially all travel and COVID-19 public health restrictions will be lifted, Ige said. Currently, 52% have been fully vaccinated statewide, according to state health data.”


The LT. GOV Joah Green posted the below message to his instagram about an hour ago:

Beginning June 15th…….

1. All Inter Island Travel restrictions will be dropped.

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2. Travelers entering the state who have been vaccinated in Hawaii may bypass quarantine without a pre-travel test.”


Beyond June 15…

When Hawaii’s population reaches a fully vaccinated rate of 60% anyone who has been fully vaccinated in the U.S. and is traveling from the continental U.S. (or Alaska) to Hawaii is exempt from testing and quarantine.

When Hawaii’s population reaches a fully vaccinated rate of 70% all travel restrictions will end, including the indoor mask mandates”

******** END QUOTE!!!! ********

So all of the international travels will still have to wear masks regardless?

And what about all the hold outs who refused to comply?

Will the attorney general Clare Connors go full apeshit on the remaining 30%????


This shit is NOT protecting anyone from about COVID.
It’s about control.

Forcing people to take an experimental vaccine that is NOT FDA approved but is part of a mass eugenics experiment on mankind is wrong and cruel.



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