Heading into midterm elections, the stock market usually has a weak September but then rallies 14.5% on average from October thru March!

by JayFig_The_Trader

Will midterm elections sink the stock market? Here’s what history says – on.mktw.net/2PsfPxG

Here is a summary of my current positioning and trades.

Closed Positions Today 9/5/18

  1. Sold XOP Calls September-21st-41 Strike Bought at 1.01 Sold at 1.25 (+23.76% Gain)

Opened Positions Today

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  1. Bought XOP Calls September-21st-41 Strike Bought at 1.01

Current Short Term Outlook:

  1. Bullish Gold Miners

Current Open Positions:

  1. Long GDX Calls Sept-21st-20 Strike (.53 Average Cost Basis)
  2. Long GDX Calls Sept-21st-19 Strike (Cost .12)

13.38% Average Gain per Trade in August 15 Closed Trades in August 200.81% on all Closed Trades in August


Yes usually. Nothing is 100%.



Disclaimer: Consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.


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