“Healthy food is too expensive/difficult” is a myth and a convenient excuse to avoid eating well.

by User45888

When I began my weight loss journey, there’s so many things I learned about how to go about my diet. A common excuse for not eating well is saying healthy food is too expensive and overall too difficult to do in 21st century society. This. Is. Bullshit. Part of eating well is putting in incredible effort to better yourself. Let me explain why:

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  1. Healthy foods are often cheap, you just have to find them. A common meal I would have is buying bulk of dry beans and bags of brown rice. Meals were under a dollar and full of nutrients. Doing your research always pays off once you find/create meals that are not only cheap, but appeal to your liking. You have to put in effort to try new things and research what is nutritious, and cheap.
  2. Healthy eating requires commitment. You may have to meal prep. Making meals may take 30 minutes. You may have to watch your friends have tasty fried chicken while you eat a salad. You may have to resist the temptation of having those donuts or pizza slices that somebody brought into the office. You may have to skip a meal every now and then.

It is work. Arduous work. But it sure as hell pays off. Stop making excuses, learn some discipline, and take control of your diet. You will be astounded by what you can accomplish.

TLDR; Eating healthy can be cheap and nutritious if you’re willing to put the effort in.


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