Hell Freezes Over :Bernie Sanders Admits That GOP’s Tax Cuts are a Boon for America’s Middle Class (VIDEO)

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By Chris Black

The self described socialist and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, an actual communist (he spent his honeymoon in Soviet Russia by his own volition) who keeps blathering about “millionaires and billionaires”, a strange dude who never had a real job in his life until he was like 40 years old and then  started working for the government, and now he’s basically a one percenter himself (he owns like 3 houses and he’s worth millions of dollars) admitted on Sunday that President Trump’s tax reform is actually pretty good for America’s middle class. To make things even more interesting, comrade Bernie aknowledged that tax cuts will positively affect 91% of hard working Americans on the very fake news outlet CNN, which adds insult to injury to any respectable marxist millennial who thought “Bernie is our guy”.

Sanders was asked by  CNN host Jake Tapper if he regards it as a good thing that 91% of America’s middle class is going to benefit from tax relief following GOP’s tax reform legislation, which is one of President Trump seminal campaign promises. Tapper enquired:
I understand you’re not a fan of the tax bill, you don’t like the large corporate tax cut and you’re not happy with the tax cuts for the wealthy, but according to the Tax Policy Center, next year 91% of middle income Americans will receive a tax cut – isn’t that a good thing?”
Sanders replied:
Yeah, it is a very good thing, and that’s why we should have made the tax breaks for the middle class permanent. Should we focus on the needs of the middle class? We should have. But the bulk of the benefits in this legislation go to large profitable corporations and to millionaires and billionaires.”

Senator Ted Cruz offered to help Sanders with making the  middle class tax cut permanent. Here’s Ted Cruz via Twitter:
I agree, @BernieSanders — let’s make the middle-class tax cuts permanent. Join me, we’ll co-sponsor legislation (I’ve already got it drafted) that does exactly that, and we’ll get it passed in January!

Senator John Cornyn, a Texas Republican jumped on board:
Jake Tapper on CNN: [N]ext year, 91% of middle-income Americans will receive a tax cut. Isn’t that a good thing? Bernie Sanders: Yes, it is a very good thing. And that’s why we should have made the tax breaks for the middle class permanent.(h/t WSJ) We will if Ds will vote yes.

To see how hypocrites these Democrats really are, if only 8 DEMs had supported GOP’s tax bill in the Senate, the tax cuts for the American taxpayer would have been made permanent, not capped at 10 years as per Senate’s rules. The thing is, if a bill affecting the Federal budget is passed with a simple majority in the Senate, timelines are automatically set to the respective measures. If the tax bill had passed the Senate with 60 votes, the timeline-clause to the tax cuts bill would have been waived and tax cuts would have been permanent.
For the sake of argument, let’s assume that Bernie is right about corporate taxes. Does anyone think Bernie would have had the balls it takes to get such a plan passed, given that he didn’t have the balls to stand up for himself against Hillary who stole the primary from him?
Hey Bernie fans, it’s not enough to talk about it, you gotta be able to get it done, i.e. to DELIVER!
Plus, he’s wrong about corporate taxes. You keep them high and it only encourages offshoring, outsourcing, etc. In fact, if we we really wanted to smack the crap out of China and the European Union, we would’ve made the corporate tax next to zero. Then, you’d have companies from all over the world fighting each other to come in and we’d have so many jobs you could quit one and walk into another one in 10 minutes flat. But then we wouldn’t need the welfare state to be so big, so we can’t do that, right?

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17 thoughts on “Hell Freezes Over :Bernie Sanders Admits That GOP’s Tax Cuts are a Boon for America’s Middle Class (VIDEO)

  1. Think of Bernie’s ideas whatever you want — but he would have been a far better choice than the genocidal lying warmonger who stole the primary from him.
    It’s possible to find common ground with Bernie and his supporters – and we will have to: The Clinton/Bush crime family + “Anyone but Trump”-Democrats, and the Bush/Clinton crime family + “Anyone but Bernie”-Republicans always have a majority to put either a Clinton-Democrat or a Bush-Republican into most key offices.
    The Bush/Clinton crime family vs. anti-Clinton Democrats + anti-Bush Republicans combined will lose.
    Drain the swamp of both the Bush-RINOs and Clinton-DINOs — if that means making compromises with people who have a different idea of what this country should be, that’s perfectly fine as long as their ideas don’t involve more Bush/Clinton corruption, more illegal wars of aggression, and rebuilding the Cold War.

    • “…genocidal lying warmonger who sole the primary from him”
      Uhhh… what exactly are you talking about? Warmonger? What war has Trump started in his nearly one year in office?
      Genocidal? Exactly who has Trump suggested for extermination, much less taken action to accomplish?
      Lying? Can’t argue much against that one – he is a politician….
      But the big one – who, exactly, did Trump supposedly steal the primary from? Especially when the same sentence is comparing him to Bernie Sanders – Trump wasn’t running against Sanders in the Primary. Wrong party, knucklehead.

      • Umm… I wasn’t talking about Trump. If you’ve read any of my other comments you’d know that while I’m not the biggest Trump fan in the world, I don’t quite consider him a genocidal lying warmonger (at least not yet).
        But “genocidal lying warmonger” is an exact description of Hitlery Clinton, who DID steal the primary from Bernie Sanders, and who is wrong on just about every issue.

        • Not only did Clinton steal the Democratic Nomination from Bernie, he was also physically beaten and assaulted by the secret are of the DNC when he refused to drop-out voluntarily! Infowars covered this in detail!
          That alone was a criminal act which should have led to the arrests of the perpetrators, beginning with DWS, Clintons, and their Foundation donors and operatives!

  2. The self described socialist admitted that President Trump’s tax reform is actually pretty good for America’s middle class. To make things even more interesting, comrade Bernie acknowledged that tax cuts will positively affect 91% of hard working Americans on the very fake news outlet CNN, which adds insult to injury to any respectable Marxist millennial who thought “Bernie is our guy”.

  3. Middle class tax cuts should be made permanent and the corporate tax modifications were necessary to stay competitive internationally, not to mention the over $2 trillion to be repatriated, Bernie is correct that it was unnecessary and a deficit busting measure to lower the burden on the top 1% income earners. That part of the tax bill should be rectified in addition to making the middle class tax cuts permanent.

  4. Everyone is going to be sooooo surprised when this doesn’t benefit any of them, because EVEN IF there is a ‘cut’, you’re going to pay for it somewhere else. Trust me
    Amerikans are so fucking gullible.

    • The *temporary* cuts are going to benefit a number of people — that’s why they’re temporary (just long enough to make people see a benefit before the next election). Then the good parts get canned and the (probably but arguably, let’s see how they work out) bad parts remain forever.

  5. More Americans will slide further into poverty, with some becoming homeless, so rich basketball players can buy themselves another Rolex and Trump another condo. The rich call it the trickle-down knowing it actually sucks the money up; a bit like a realtor trying tell you that rising damp is falling dry.

  6. Sir, you created this article and included the video clip.
    Did you even listen to the video clip??!!
    The title is pure bovine excrement.
    You need only listen from 00:10 through 1:20 to get his position on the Tax bill.
    “Tax breaks for corporation permanent, tax breaks for the Middle Class temporary.”
    His analysis of the now signed Tax bill shreds it in entirety throughout its discussion.

  7. The post-Christmas shopping stats say it all; Thank you President Trump!

  8. I’m a Canadian and have worked in the US. Before I did that I went through all of the paper work and got a US Visa that allowed me to do so. Even today when I cross into the US the border guards ask me all kinds of questions designed to determine if the work I am going down to do is properly covered by the Visa they approved. I do it all by the book and comply with every US regulation to the best of my abilities. I do not believe I am taking any american jobs because the type of work I do is fairly specialized and I only get work on a temporary basis until what I am doing can be handed over to Americans. Usually they are immigrants from China, India, or eastern Europe (there is a lot of math and computers involved). I have never once thought I should attempt to enter the US or work there illegally. I follow the rules. So it does bother me a little bit more than a bit that the US has a problem with illegal immigration, because these illegal immigrants are not just impacting US citizens, they are also impacting people like me who play by all the rules, pay all the required taxes, and generally behave and don’t break the law. So I can see why unemployed Americans are concerned about illegal immigration. I go there legally and it’s affecting me. I think it’s fair, because plenty of Americans work in Canada, we have a free trade agreement that covers many job categories and I fall under that agreement. But it kind of pisses me off a bit that I have to hire lawyers and accountants and pay taxes and play by the rules but many people don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind playing by the rules and getting to work in the US is a privileged, but I don’t see why if I am coming down from Canada and playing by all the rules other people can just sneak in and cheat. And I go home. It’s not that I wouldn’t be willing to become a US citizen I wouldn’t, it’s a great country and there are several places there I would like to live, but I can’t coming from Canada without following the rules. This makes no sense to me. No 2 countries were ever more integrated than the US and Canada, but Canadians can’t move to the US because we are law abiding, yet all these other immigrants can. It doesn’t make sense to me.

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