America is well-run. Not by us. Not for us.

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by Fabius Maximus

Summary: Here are some harsh but important truths about America and its elites that you will not see elsewhere.

Why the constant sense of crisis in America? Endless quantitative easing leading inevitably to hyperinflation, climate armageddon, Obama the socialist, Trump the fascist, the dollar becoming wastepaper, AIDS will kill us all, Alar on apples, jihadists, government debt, destruction from air and water pollution, peak oil, swine flu & Ebola. It is a constant drumroll of doom, as explained by Peter Moore in ”The Crisis Crisis” (Playboy, March 1987).

In the real world America’s problems are manageable and smaller than those we have surmounted in the past. America is in better shape than Europe and Japan.  We have good demographics, sound economic fundamentals, relatively easily solved problems, and no powerful enemies.

Happy Rich Guy

Some of the credit for this goes to our ruling elites.  They steer America away from the rocks because they own most of it.

Ignore the mockery of them that fills our media. That is typical pleasant peasant behavior. We are ruled by those who are elites in every sense of the word. Rich beyond imagination. Educated from America’s finest universities, which are among the best in the world. Their governance of America is brilliant, which is rare in history.

Their skill in maintaining power is remarkable, using a wide range of tactics. For example, they keep us aroused about foreign threats, funneling much of our national income into the DoD money pit. The fear of foreign foes keeps us obedient and malleable.

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They skillfully defend against the two major threats to their power.

First, what if Americans see our common interests – and the extent to which we are exploited, with that the fruits from decades of economic growth gone into the pockets of the 1%? To prevent this they fragment us. They foment internal divisions, splitting us along a dozen fault lines. Race, ethnicity, gender, and religion. They foster development of the factions feared by the Founders above all things. They open our borders – making us an even more multicultural society, with the typical fierce intergroup competition and low social trust.

Second, what if a political movement beyond their control gains mass support. The two major movements in American history are the progressives and populists. The modern progressives’ platform — multiculturalism, multi-genderism, open borders, racism, sexism — is of limited appear and poses no threat to our elites.

But Populism is a threat to them. So the news media overflows with warnings about populism. Both parties consider populism an anathema. To listen to America’s great and wise, populists are an evil under every bed. It is safely contained.

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I doubt the Roman Senate every achieved this level of political skill.

Little fish can defeat big fish

We can’t fight what we don’t see

America is well-governed, but not for us. We are losing – and don’t even realize it (except in some low-level sense). Our rulers’ success is the opposite of a conspiracy. They do everything in the daylight. It’s an open source movement, funded and operated by like-minded people. Most of their planning documents are well-known.

It is class warfare. But like warmonger, we cannot use this terms. A form of right-wing political correctness has banned such useful terms from our national thought stream – making it difficult to understand current events. It functions like Newspeak. Our rulers guide our language, which directs our thoughts, which channels our actions (which is why both Left and Right work to control our speech).

We bicker with one another, becoming ever more divided and weak, our rulers gain strength. Every day a progressive – populist alliance becomes less likely. But it is the only political force capable of defeating our elites (as it did during the New Deal).

This will be difficult. Elites are usually defeated only when incompetent or following an external event (e.g, depression, defeat in war). We will have to be smart and learn to stand together. The clock is ticking.


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