Here is one of the first widespread movements for censorship, deplatforming and book burning that took place in the United States: Comic Book Code of 1954

by salvia_d

One of the most destructive campaigns of censorship that took place in the United States was the introduction of the comic book code of 1954.

It resulted in some of the greatest most innovative publishers in the medium to go bankrupt and concentrated power into more monopolistic companies, not to mention a huge movement to burn a lot of these comic books that “were polluting children’s minds.”

Here is the code:

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Here is a reading of the code with images of some of the censored comics that scared people into burning many of them:

Here is an audio reading of the code:

What a crazy world we live it. And note, the elimination of the comic code in the last 20 to 15 years has resulted a major renaissance in the industry and a new golden age in comics where we are privy to some of the greatest stories ever told.

And finally, F*ck Censorship.




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