Here is why “wage inflation” shouldn’t be a concern for anyone. Income has barely moved in terms of purchasing power since 1999.

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10 thoughts on “Here is why “wage inflation” shouldn’t be a concern for anyone. Income has barely moved in terms of purchasing power since 1999.

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    • The Federal Reserve is to blame…..without the banksters….America would be first in the world….but all out excess money is sucked away by the PRIVATELY OWNED FEDERAL RESERVE…

      • First audit the FED and check the quantity and purity of the gold at Ft Knox. Then use Treasury Notes and slowly phase out the national debt by slowly paying off Fed notes and bonds!
        Run a federal deficit by some %of the growth in GNP until inflation hits 2%, then back down government spending until inflation is back under 2%. Nothin is more stupid than borrowing money that some other entity creates that you must pay interest on that will never be repaid!

  1. End the federal reserve which is privately owned and robbing us daily. They print the paper fiat and give it to their friends at tiny to no interest. These friends run out and buy the best assets with paper smeared with occult symbols. That’s how the rich 0.01% own 95% of the world’s resources and wealth. The rest of us get High inflation throughout our lives, our dollars devalued to 5 cents, wages that never keep up, and every evil debt scam the bankers can think up. We are their slaves, their cattle, they do nothing for our benefit. End the federal reserve and central banks owned by evil rich families such as house of Rothshit.

    • Deport all the jew bankers and demand they live in their precious Israel….deport all the dual citizenship politicians to Israel….seeing as how they have their loyalty to Israel…and put Israel first and America LAST….!!!!

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