Here it is. Mueller and the Deep State’s end game: NYT Columnist says Obama, Bush May Have to Team Up to Stop “Constitutional Crisis”

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They hate Trump so much that they call Bush credible and believe he can save us from a constitutional crisis. His administration spent more time wiping their ass with out 4th amendment then protecting it. The levels of delusion should warrant an one way ticket to the looney bin.


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These wide-eyed liberal crackpots are completely delusional.

Former presidents have no power whatsoever under the U.S. Constitution.


Thomas Friedman is going to have to confront reality:

  1. he is a proven fool who got suckered into buying the Russia Hysteria, despite all evidence to the contrary
  2. the Deep State used him like a Times Square whore to spread their bullshit, which he did so without question
  3. they fucked him in the ass, and didn’t even have the common courtesy to give him a reacharound
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Thomas Friedman is a complete and total sucker, in front of this country, in front of the world.




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