Here We Go Again – More Hypocrisy From Liberals – CNN Wants To Bannish Kellyanne Conway From The Airwaves.

by Pamela Williams
I want to start this report by taking you back to a time past. In 2012, Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security adviser, lied on five news shows, saying that the attack on the Benghazi compound was “spontaneous” and the direct result of a “heinous and offensive video.” We all know now that was a deliberate lie concocted by President Obama and Hillary Clinton. We, also know that the Administration immediately knew it was a lie, but yet, they sent Rice to do her interviews by telling an outright lie to the world. Yet, no one spoke of banning Susan Rice from the airwaves, but that was the Liberal’s mistake, and all was forgiven.
They are now talking about Kellyanne Conway as if she is the pied piper of politics, ready to lead the people astray by mentioning something about buying Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. What she was referring to is the store Nordstrom informed Ivanka, they would no longer be selling her clothing line. Of course, this is a roundabout way of getting at Trump. It upset Trump, as Ivanka has done nothing to deserve this. Then Kellyanne picked it up and it became a slip of the tongue. The press has gone so wild, an investigation has actually been launched into Kellyanne. This is beyond ridiculous!
The press probably hates Kellyanne, because she is so sharp she beats them at their own game. She is supposedly getting counseling right now, which is also beyond the pale. Further, another trouble maker, Bill Moyers, who had a similar job for President Lyndon Johnson, grieved over CNN’s decision not to permanently ban Conway, which is the “the surest way to prevent a professional con artist from using you to pollute the airwaves with one flagrant lie after another.” Oh, man, calling Kellyanne a “professional con artist” is just insane, but I am not surprised.

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Rep.Jason Chaffetz of the House Oversight Committee has asked for an investigation into Conway’s remarks concerning Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.  I like Chaffetz, so I will not say much, but I hope it does not happen.  White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said on Thursday that Conway had been “counseled” on the issue, and appearing on Fox News on Thursday afternoon, Conway described that counseling as “a very heartening moment” because Trump “supports me 100 percent.” Trump, Conway, and Spicer all accused Nordstrom of dumping the Ivanka Trump brand for political reasons, but a new report from Slice Intelligence backs up Nordstrom’s contention that it was purely a business decision. According to Slice, online sales of Ivanka Trump goods fell 26 percent last quarter versus the year prior, and 63 percent at Nordstrom online alone.
The nonpartisan watchdog group the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) is asking for a Justice Department investigation of Conway and White House social media chief Dan Scavino, who retweeted Trump’s Nordstrom tweet from the official POTUS account.  I say, so what?
And this is just par for the course, the Obama administration ethics lawyer Norm Eisen offered to help Nordstrom sue Trump under unfair competition laws. “I do believe Nordstrom has a colorful claim,” Eisen told MSNBC. “This will be another place where the courts will remind [Trump] he’s not above the law.”  This makes me so angry!  I wonder if we can go back and sue the Obama along with Hillary Clinton for the lies they had Susan Rice to tell about the Benghazi attack on TV.  Please Lord, give me the calm and remembrance you will take care of these Liberal hypocrites.
The specific issue with Conway’s statements is a federal statute stating that federal employees, including Conway, may not “endorse any product, service or enterprise.”
Larry Noble, general counsel at the Campaign Legal Center, says he believes Conway’s statement violated the rule.
Norm Eisen, who was White House ethics czar in the Obama administration, agrees.
Even Peter Schweizer, a dedicated conservative muckraker and author of Clinton Cash, told the Washington Post that the administration’s actions here are inappropriate.
“Clearly, the Trumps feel some of this is related to politics. But whether that’s true or not, these marketing battles need to be fought by Ivanka and her company,” Schweizer told the Washington Post. “They cannot and should not be fought by government employees and the White House. It’s time to move beyond the mind-set and the role of a businessman and assume the mantle of commander of chief.”
In a more detailed formal complaint to the Office of Government Ethics, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington added further details and analysis to support the notion that Conway was violating the law. CREW notes, for example, that Conway “unquestionably was acting in an official capacity,” as the Fox News segment introduced her with her title as special counselor to the president of the United States and she was broadcast live from the White House briefing room.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Government Oversight Committee, even got in on the action, calling it “clearly over the line.”


6 thoughts on “Here We Go Again – More Hypocrisy From Liberals – CNN Wants To Bannish Kellyanne Conway From The Airwaves.”

  1. I believe the presidents reaction was more that of a father not a businessman. Peter this was pure politics. Did this great ethics committee look into the Clintons selling off America

  2. They are on record as being determined (because their owner, Soros, told them to be), to disrupt this administration any way possible. That is why he has to have them arrested for sedition. They are not “reporting”, they are disrupting the conduct of government.
    Besides the hypocritical, childish nonsense, they are instituting a soft coup. If they allow themselves to be placed on the defensive they will lose. They will become incapable of governing and they will report that as well. The whole dynamic must be turned around.
    Arrest Soros, his sons and associates. Off to GITMO. They can throw a gaggle of presstiutes in there as well.


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