Here We Go: NYPD Mobilizing At All Major Newsrooms After Speculating Shooting Was Motivated By Hostility Towards Media

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“Following speculation that the shooting may have been motivated by hostility for the media, police in Baltimore and New York City have stationed officers at newsrooms for protection.”

“The New York City Police Department has deployed officers to major newsrooms throughout the city as a precautionary measure following a shooting at a Maryland newspaper.

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“We amp up security in these kinds of incidents,” an NYPD spokesperson told The Hill in confirming the decision to deploy units to various news organizations following the shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Md”
(read the comments, they are already blaming Trump)

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The liberal MSM is gonna spin the fuck out of this. Do these anti-gun liberal tards actually think they can win the civil war they are pushing? Radical Leftist are already going apeshit over this shooting…


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