Here’s All The Liberal Pork In The Ginormous Stimulus Boondoggle

‘Unemployment benefits in coronavirus relief package angers my audience’

“The simplest way was and the fairest way was, $600 per person in certain states that may be a little bit too much money. In other states, it’s less money. It’s not a perfect system,” Mnuchin said. “But the president’s objective was to make sure we get money in people’s hands. And as I said, you know, waiting four months to reprogram systems, that doesn’t do us any good.”

Other provisions in the massive spending deal, allocating funds for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, Hannity described as a bunch of “garbage” that Democrats leveraged “in a time of an emergency and a crisis and a pandemic.”

$75 Million for Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds NPR

“Do we need to be giving PBS more money now when people are dying?” Graham said. “The Kennedy center may be an amazing place to go, I’m sure it is. $25 million is a lot of money to the average American.”

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“It’s Pelosi that screwed this up. She came back from California. We had a pretty damn good deal. And she’s insisted on the mob agenda, liberal agenda. And she’s tried to hold the whole country hostage.”