HERE’S how a forty-year TRUTHER sees it all going down…

by AC

MAGA media (Newsmax, RAV, OAN, etc.) are all pushing hard against any compromise with the leftards on the debt ceiling.

They are ideologically correct , of course, EXCEPT, that this time, I fear the demonrats WILL let it expire, stop sending out social secrity checks, and THAT WILL BE WHAT CAUSES THE GREAT BURN they’ve been longing for.

They get the chaos, and they get to blame the Trumpsters.

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Perfect for them.

HORRIFIC consequences for everyone else.

I’ve studied these adrenochromed cretins for decades, and I know how they script things. I could be wrong, of course, and this is not some official prediction.

Just be wary and aware come “Pride Month.” ( …used to be called June.)


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