Here’s No Point Trying To Make Lefties Happy, Because Not Being Happy Is Key To Their Identity

Politically correct effort to rename Austin proves Donald Trump was right. “First they came for the Confederate monuments, but who knows where progressive efforts to erase history will end? It is a ‘short hop from the unthinkable to the mandatory.’”

IT’S GETTING INTERESTING NOW THAT THE LEFT DOESN’T THINK IT HAS TO LIE ANYMORE: Bernie Sanders Supporters Admit His Socialized Medicine Plan Will Ration Care.

WHY IS THE LEFT SUCH A CESSPIT OF REACTIONARY VIOLENCE? New York man arrested for threatening Rep. Steve Scalise’s children.

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QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: When I reviewed Mark Lilla’s The Once and Future Liberal last year, I asked “Can the Left Escape the Identity Politics Trap?

The New York Times doesn’t seem eager to find the escape hatch anytime soon.

YES, BECAUSE THEY’RE THEIR OPPOSITE NUMBER. The NTY’s Defense of Leftist Racism — It Was Just Some “Counter-Trolling” — Looks Suspiciously Similar to Claims the So-Called “Alt-Right” Made About Their Trollish Comments; Why Does One Standard Apply to Leftist Racism and another to the “Alt-Right’s?”

Related: As Iowahawk tweets:

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Q: how can you tell if a tweet is racist?
A: it depends, true racism can only come from a position of power.
Q: how can you tell if it’s from a position of power?
A: when the tweeter doesn’t get fired for it.


UPDATE: Yes, Anti-White Racism Exists.




So a chip off the ol’ Sulzberger, in other words.

As Rod Dreher warned last year, the elite left “needs to know [that] you aren’t going to be able to count on conservative people like me to help you oppose the alt-right, because you are their ‘respectable’ left-wing mirror image.”

UPDATE: Dreher today: Times Hires Harvard-Educated Honky-Hater.

“Sure, Sarah Jeong’s a bigot,” he writes. But like Alvy Singer, “she’s a bigot for the left.”



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