Here’s the TL;DR about the Polish MiG-29’s and the US:

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by Chris Black

It was basically a game of geopolitical “Hot Potato”.

The Americans wanted Poland‘s surplus MiG-29‘s to be handed over to Ukraine.

The Americans further wanted those MiGs to be flown by “European” pilots (not necessarily Ukrainian pilots) and if they could not be based on Ukrainian soil, then potentially fly these MiGs out of Polish bases, where they would be protected by NATO, and not get blown out of the sky by Russian air defenses.

The Russians have said that they would view any third country helping the Ukrainians as an enemy.

So on hearing the Americans’ “suggestion“, the Poles were like, “Fuck that, we’re not getting involved in this shit!“

So they got clever—they said to the US, “You can have our MiGs for FREE—we’ll send them to your base in Germany and you give them to the Ukrainians. After all, we are giving them to YOU, America! So what YOU do with the goddamn planes after we give them to you is YOUR business!”

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The Americans then said, “Get the fuck out of here!”

In other words, the Poles called the Americans’ bluff.

This kind of shows the level of stupidity of the Americans – and the level of cowardice. They want somebody else to start the war, they don’t have the balls to do it themselves.


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