WEF Shuns Russia, What Does it Mean?

by Chris Black

The WEF has officially cut ties with Russia.

I suspect this is for optics purposes but it does make me wonder if the extreme anti-Russian hysteria in the West is setting the stage for an eventual Oceania vs Eurasia conflict.

IMO, until Putin rescinds Agenda 21/2030, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and transhumanism, bans LGBT stuff, implements a closed-borders immigration policy and stops replacing ethnic Russians with Islamic Central Asians and Caucasians, stops kissing Chabad Lubovitch ass, etc., then he is clearly still on team globalism.

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You can’t really be anti-globalism if you support all of the main globalist agendas, as Putin does.


The “elites” play on all sides. The same investors back two adversarial forces. We’ve seen this time and again whether it’s American intelligence agencies or Rothschild bankers.

Another example is how BlackRock and Vanguard are primary stakeholders in a plethora of companies, many of which would appear to be competitors at first glance. Ultimately however, there is an “elite”, in this case BlackRock and/or Vanguard, who profits and benefits, and whose objectives are reached, no matter what side “wins”.


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