Heroic Police Officer Saves Little Boy From Drowning; Where’s the Media Coverage?

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
A body camera belonging to a police officer showed him diving into a pond to rescue a four year old child with autism from drowning. This event transpired a little over 24 hours ago in Topeka, Kansas. The policeman is Aaron Bulmer, who happened to be patrolling around the Central Park Community Center. He then noticed the young boy venturing a little too closely to the pond. Officer Bulmer was walking towards the child when the four-year-old fell into the pond. Bulmer’s body camera then records him fearlessly leaping into the water to rescue the boy. In a world where police officers are often demonized as power hungry, heartless authoritarians, there should be a plethora of media coverage about Aaron Bulmer.

Before people jump on the groupthink bandwagon and demonize all police officers, they should remember that in the majority of cases, the law enforcement members of this nation truly do work to protect and serve the people of this nation. Working as a police officer is one of the most dangerous and risky occupations in America. People who choose this line of work are quite literally putting their lives on the line for strangers, some of whom are taught to hate and fear them. It would be in the best interest of everyone to abide by the motto of  “innocent until proven guilty.” Aaron Bulmer is a prime example of police officers who save lives.

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The four-year-old boy was immediately taken to a Kentucky hospital to be check for any damages. There are no reports of any suffered damages. It has also been documented that children with autism are often attracted to water. Officer Bulmer’s bravery will have a lasting impact on this child and his parents. Perhaps the people of this nation should remember this incident before slandering the law enforcement officers of America.



5 thoughts on “Heroic Police Officer Saves Little Boy From Drowning; Where’s the Media Coverage?

  1. As we heard on the tape, it was Jesus that saved this baby’s life. Can’t let that out whatsoever.

  2. Where’s the media coverage on WHY the boy is probably autistic?
    Where’s the media coverage (except ‘fake news sites’) on the 5000+ dead FROM police.
    Finally? The kid is just standing there – while everyone around him is panicking.

  3. Gotta love people who post video from a national magazine, and then demand to know “where’s the coverage?” Everybody covered it, genius. That’s how you know about it.

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