HE’S NO MODERATE: ‘Moderate’ Biden Threatens to Nuke the Filibuster, Says It’s Been ‘Abused’ and Is a ‘Relic of Jim Crow.’

via pjmedia:

Biden spent decades in the U.S. Senate, and during that time he vociferously defended the filibuster. He also defended the Hyde Amendment — which prevents pro-life taxpayers from funding abortion, something many of them consider to be murder. Yet in the 2020 primary, Biden flipped on Hyde, and he appears to be mid-flip on the filibuster.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) skewered Biden for threatening to nuke the filibuster.

“Senator Biden was a relentless defender of the filibuster — but now that President Biden looks in the mirror and sees FDR, he’s keeping the door open for a complete 180 to blow up the institution he spent four decades defending,” Sasse said in a statement after Biden’s press conference.

“He was right when he summed it up this way numerous times: ‘The Senate ought not act rashly by changing its rules to satisfy a strong-willed majority.’”

The legacy media should take notice. Any president who threatens to destroy the filibuster in squeeze his radical legislation through a fifty-fifty Senate without a single Republican vote cannot be considered a “moderate.”

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