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Trump Admin Shuts Down Radio Station Run by Chinese Propaganda Outlet
FCC denies Phoenix TV license after Sen. Cruz exposed station’s China ties
By Adam Kredo | JUNE 22, 2020

(freebeacon.com) – A radio station controlled by the Chinese Communist Party propaganda outlet Phoenix TV has been ordered by the Trump administration to cease its broadcasts within 48 hours.

The Federal Communications Commission ruled on Monday that a Mexico-based radio station owned in part by Phoenix TV—one of the Communist regime’s leading propaganda organs—must end its broadcasts due to its failure to disclose its ties to China.

Prior to the FCC’s ruling, the station was exploiting a loophole that allows content produced in the United States to be broadcast from foreign radio towers, such as those in Mexico. Phoenix TV, which is headquartered in California, produced its content domestically and then used the more powerful Mexican station to broadcast across the U.S. border.

The FCC denied a license for that radio station, XEWW-AM, because it “failed to include in their application a key participant, Phoenix Radio, which produces the Mandarin programming in its studio,” the agency disclosed. Phoenix Radio, Phoenix TV’s radio affiliate, was using the station to broadcast Chinese propaganda across Southern California, in violation of FCC statutes.

Phoenix TV first found itself in Congress’s crosshairs earlier this year, after one of its reporters confronted President Donald Trump during a White House briefing about the coronavirus pandemic and Chinese government efforts to cover up the illness. The station’s presence at the White House generated concerns about the proliferation of Chinese state-controlled press organs in the United States…


EXCLUSIVE: Ex-CNN ‘Reporters’ Now Work For The Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Outfit: CGTN

(thenationalpulse.com) – China Global Television Network (CGTN) has been identified as a “long-standing weapon in Beijing’s arsenal of repression” whose raison d’être is “to attack designated enemies of the Communist Party,” chiefly the U.S. Headquartered in Beijing, funded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and controlled by the regime’s Publicity Department, the outlet is inundated with anti-U.S. and anti-Trump content.

As a result, CGTN was forced to register with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in 2019.

CGTN’s international disinformation campaign – which has resulted in airing forced confessions and deeply biased coverage of Hong Kong protests – aligns with President Xi Jinping’s 2016 decree that “wherever the readers are, wherever the viewers are, that is where propaganda reports must extend their tentacles.”

Despite this, there’s an apparent door between CGTN and establishment U.S. media outlet CNN.

While CNN prides itself on placing “Facts First,” former employees are now helping to create and amplify content to glorify the CCP.

Sean Callebs is currently employed as a national correspondent at CGTN America. In addition to serving as a diplomat in Afghanistan for the US State Department in 2011, Callebs was a CNN correspondent for over 20 years, from 1989 to 2009…

The next CNN transplant is Anand Naidoo, an anchor for CGTN program “The Heat,” based out of the network’s Washington D.C. Bureau, and formerly an “Atlanta-based anchor for CNN International’s World News for ten years.”…

Karina Huber is a New York correspondent for CGTN and fill-in anchor for the network’s program “Global Business America.
CGTN explained in her bio:

“Prior to CGTN America, Karina was a business reporter for CNN and Reuters reporting live from the New York Stock Exchange.”…

Asieh Namdar, a former anchor for CNN providing “reports and analysis of international news on CNN” turned CGTN anchor, has provided similarly flattering coverage of the CCP and is a staunch Trump critic…

And Jim Spellman is a CGTN correspondent who “was a journalist at CNN for over a decade” and “reported for CNN, CNN International, HLN and CNN.com” and is similarly anti-Trump…

The National Pulse has reached out to CNN for comment on its revolving door with the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign influence operation, CGTN, but at the time of publication, we had not heard back….


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