Hidden charges you have to pay for your internet connection

There are many hidden charges which you are not aware of when it comes to internet services or any services. Some charges are avoidable and then there are some charges which you need to know while getting internet service. The prices you see online are just the service charges. We are going to talk about all the charges which you might not be aware of while you get internet service.

Installation and activation charges

Your first bill will likely be your largest bill as that includes installation and activation charges as well. If you are going to set up internet services at your location, you will have to pay these charges. Some providers include activation fees in the installation costs and then there are some providers who charge activation fees other than the installation fee.

Your first monthly bill will include some extra charges and the major charge would be the installation charge which would be around $100-$200. You will have to pay this charge if you want your services to be installed. Some providers give you an option to pay the installation fee in 2-3 monthly installments but with most of the providers, you have to pay all in the first monthly bill. Professional installation costs a lot because a professional technician comes to your location with all the stuff required for the installation to make sure that your services work fine so you don’t face any kind of issues regarding your service. Some providers offer free installation with the bundles like with COX, there are some bundles with which you get free installation. You can check Cox internet plans and check the bundles.

If your house had services in the past, you might qualify for the self-installation. The equipment would be shipped to you with the guide or you can pick it up from the store. That is way cheaper than the professional installation. The self-installation is free with some providers like CenturyLink, COX but it could cost you around $35 with AT&T.

Equipment Rental Charge

You are going to need a modem for internet access and then a router if you want the wireless internet service. Almost all the companies charge extra for the modem and the router on monthly basis. If you want to rent the modem or the router, you will be paying extra on top of the service charge. The prices you see online in the advertisements do not include modem and router charges. The average rental fee is from $5-$15.

Some providers also offer you the option to either get your own equipment or rent it from the company. If you are planning to stick with a company for the longer-term, it would be better if you get your own router and modem as that will save you a lot of bucks per annum.

Security charge

Internet security is very important and the companies know that. If you are looking to get an internet security suite, you will have to pay extra for that to secure your connection. Some providers like Spectrum offer free internet security suite with internet services but most of the providers will charge you extra for the connection security.

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Recovery charge

A recovery charge is usually hidden in the taxes and the other surcharges. This charge is for the maintenance and expansion of the broadband networks and you will be paying that every month on top of the service charge. It will cost you around $1-$4 for the recovery charge every month.

Data overage charge

If you exceed your allocated data, you will be charged a data overage fee. There are some providers who offer unlimited data cap and then there are some providers who offer you a limited data cap and will charge you extra if you allocate that data cap. You can get an unlimited data cap as well with some providers by paying them extra every month. While getting a service, make sure you ask your provider about the data cap allocated to you and how much it would cost you if you exceed that allocated data.

Early termination charge

If you are moving to a new house or you are planning to switch your services, that can cost you some bucks. If you are in a contract with your internet service provider and you are planning to cancel the services before the contract ends, you will have to pay an early termination fee to cancel the services. Make sure you know for how long you can stick with a company before you sign a contract.

Summing it up

There are many hidden charges that we pay when it comes to the entertainment services like taxes, surcharges, and other fees that we are not aware of. We only see the service charge while getting a service. Make sure you get a breakdown of your monthly bill while getting the service so you know what you will be paying for.


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