Hidden History of Civilization is History of FORGETTING WHAT MONEY REFERS TO!

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The Patrons of Imagination by Jon Rappoport

October 3, 2018

Every significant breakthrough in human history has been enabled through imagination. It’s the leap. It’s the vision unfettered by imposed restrictions. It’s the future as yet unrealized, glimpsed in the mind. Given that this is the case, one wonders why financial patronage isn’t poured like a Niagara into imagination, to support it, extend it. The answer is simple. Those who have the vast resources to do it can’t see past what I called Set One.

Set One is the collection of their own perceived problems. For many, these are personal problems; for others, who look at wider vistas, these are also problems of humanity and civilization. In either case, Set One circumscribes the individual. It binds consciousness so the individual can’t see anything else. The individual absolutely can’t see what might happen to revolutionize consciousness itself. That’s the last possibility he will entertain.


Imagination revolutionizes consciousness down to its core. It shakes up What Is and replaces it with unfolding Possibility. And having made that change, the individual gazes at reality with new eyes. All codes and symbol structures disintegrate. From there on out, it is pure creation. The men of this world who control money and everything it means are fabulously wealthy prisoners of Set One.

They view their own amassed fortunes as:

Where should the power be?

There are various kinds of power. Perhaps you’ll recognize the type I’m referring to in this article. WHERE SHOULD THE POWER BE? This is a question that has been asked and answered for a hundred thousand years. Wars, death, destruction, deception, grand theft, heroism, manifestos have all provided evidence of the struggle. We now have people behind the curtain and peeking out of the curtain claiming the answer, for our sake, is global governance. Call it anything you want to. New World Order. Globalism. Planetary management system.

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They assert their motives are altruistic. That’s right. They’re not doing this to make a power grab, they’re helping us. They’re solving the problems of the world. They’re maintaining order. They’re bringing us into a new era of peace.

They’re all liars.

There isn’t an altruistic bone in their bodies.

And as far as we are concerned, we have a whole lot of self-deception going as well. Why? Because we keep falling into collectivist language and thought. We think we can’t talk about power unless we address the great WE, the group, humanity, The People. We’re afraid of mentioning power in the context of the individual.

It has to be:


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