High costs, shortages hit trucking…

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Lee Klass is a long-haul trucker who has spent most of the past 50 years working behind the wheel.

The cost of doing his job spiked dramatically this week.

Klass, 73, drives a Freightliner. He’s not hauling gasoline, but he’s feeling the pinch of fuel shortages and higher prices in the wake of the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. He’s paying $3.60 a gallon, far more than the $2.50 to $3 a gallon he paid during much of the pandemic.

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“I start to freak out when it hits $4 a gallon, and I’m paying almost $1,000 to fill up a 240-gallon tank,” said Klass who was in Rhode Island on Wednesday and drives long hours daily. “For me to run across country in my truck, it takes about three fill-ups from the west coast to east coast, and that is a lot of money.”

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