Hillary And Eric Holder Threatened With Prison If Party Wins In ’22

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The majority of analysts in the world of politics believe that Republicans are going to win back control of the House of Representatives in 2022, and some believe that they will use the opportunity to get revenge on Democrats for what they have done when they had the House.

Florida Rep. Kat Cammack said, in an exclusive interview, that some Democrats could be headed to prison, Breitbart News reported.

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“When we take the House back in the 118th, first and foremost, we are going to be focused on accountability, people need to go to jail,” she said at Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest in Phoenix, Arizona.

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“I’m talking about the Hillary Clintons of the world, I’m talking about the Eric Holders, I’m talking about all these people who have continued to cause strife and division, break the law, subvert the Rule of Law, and they have never been held accountable,” the congresswoman said.

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