Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are traitors who colluded against the president

via DillyKally


To reiterate. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are traitors

Hillary Clinton literally paid Russia for fake dossier that she used to rig the election


Russia reviewed and bought Pro Hillary Clinton ads on Facebook in order to help her


Russia organized multiple anti Trump protest. Some of which were attended by Major left-wing celebrities


and Hillary again used the fake dossier she purchased from the Russians in order to try to overthrow a sitting president

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they created ridiculous conspiracy theories based on racism and unsubstantiated claims by Barack Obama.

They weaponized the intelligence agency is too politically Target Trump.




Obama used his connections that still worked in the government and intelligence agencies to politically obstruct Trump.


Don’t forget that according to WikiLeaks Hillary campaign literally wrote some articles and vetted other articles

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Also here’s a nice graphic of all of the journalist that colluded with Hillary campaign imgur.com/kSpLcnE.jpg


And here’s a graphic of all of the journalist that went to work for Obama


what’s crazy is no Democrat will ever hear about this news because they don’t have access to real information. They are hilariously uneducated in uninformed because they don’t have access to real news