Hillary Clinton and Comey Setting the Record Straight for Supporters

by Thinker

Men and women are dying and American families are being separated with every war for greed and a new world order that has been started. Change happened when president John F. Kennedy was murdered for wanting to end the Federal Reserve private banking the gets the money U.S. prints and borrows it back to the government??? Who would loan a friend money then borrow it back with interest? A person who has spent their whole life believe and trusting in people who can lie and make the sunshine. When Hillary Clinton supporters look at her, what is it that they see? What do they hear? Is the club that big? Hillary makes it clear to every American that the law isn’t for all, but only some. Lies are acceptable under oath for certain people.

Washington Examiner enough for compiling this. I hope they do not take down the video, but if they do it is understandable, and I hope they themselves upload it to YouTube for a larger reach.

Hillary Clinton Spars With Benghazi Victim’s Families During Latest Democrat Debate

JORGE RAMOS: On the night of the attacks in Benghazi, you sent an email to your daughter Chelsea saying, that an al-Qaeda-like group was responsible for the killing of the Americans. However, some of the families claim that you lied to them. Secretary Clinton, did you lie to them?

Marine Confronts Bill Clinton about his Lying Wife

While campaigning for Hillary, Bill Clinton is confronted by a Marine about his lying wife, and her lies about his brothers lost in Benghazi. He’s told to sit down, and when he refuses, he’s thrown out… That’s when his wife speaks up!