Hillary Clinton Commits to Mass Violence Across America if Dems Don’t Win Mid-Terms

by Thinker

Everyone comes with history of their words and actions…what in history have the Clinton’s done that has been good for the people and the nation??? The “Clinton Chronicles” documentary takes the viewer all the way back to Arkansas, and the people who lived around the Clinton’s telling their stories of crime and corruption under a politician that was more into the women and drugs than doing the job an oath was sworn to uphold.

How many secret service agents have had to be silent and watch corruption???

How long will lies govern a nation over the “TRUTH???”

Calling for violence against the president and the nation is an act of TREASON!!!

Natural News) Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton, who is reportedly running for President in 2020, has just announced that if Democrats don’t win the mid-terms by taking back the House of Representatives, they will unleash mass violence across America.

“[Hillary Clinton] says that civility can ONLY return when the Democrats take back the government,” writes Martin Armstrong from ArmstrongEconomics.com. “Clearly, this is throwing down the gauntlet that it shall be their way or no way. Hillary is effectively advocating the destruction of the United States. She has simply stated bluntly that democracy will no longer be tolerated unless the Democrats win and then subjugate the opposition.”

This despicable tactic — now openly endorsed by Hillary Clinton herself — is an attempt to hold America hostage to the violent threats of deranged, lunatic Leftists who are now led by violence-pushing mob bosses like the Clintons. By advocating this threat against America, Clinton has committed to a path of violence for America unless Democrats get their way.

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This shows the bad faith demonstrated by Democrats who have now repeatedly shown they will not accept the outcome of any election unless they win that election. Similarly, any institution the Democrats do not control is attacked as being “illegitimate.” The moment Brett Kavanaugh got confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, for example, Democrats began attacking the Supreme Court as “illegitimate.”

Democrats don’t believe in democracy, it turns out. They believe only in:

Flashback June 20, 2014 – Hillary Clinton is a terrorist

by Cory Massimino | C4SS

During a CNN town hall on June 17, Hillary Clinton made some controversial remarks about opponents of gun control. “We cannot let a minority of people, and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people,” she said, “hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.”

But is gun control opposed by only a minority of people? It’s not so clear. According to Gallup poll from late 2013 49% of people agree that the laws covering the sale of firearms should be made more strict. 13% support less strict laws. 37% support keeping things the same and 1% have no opinion. Contra Clinton the subject of gun control is practically a 50/50 split.

Clinton continued, “I was disappointed that the Congress did not:

Jerome Corsi Prediction: Obama and Hillary Will Face Treason Charges and Military Tribunals
Living in a world that is revealing the good and the evil by words and actions…who conspires against the president, people, and nation of the United States??? How many call themselves Americans and have robbed, raped, and betrayed their fellow man??? History is opening the doors to the men and women who have left a trail of evidence that cannot be denied. History of words and actions showing the people who stands for liberty, justice, and freedom, and who has spent a lifetime of trying to enslave the world.


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