Hillary Clinton: Court date: September 9 2020 (Confirmed from 5 different sources)

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We have real news for you here. Hillary Clinton is to face a deposition in September. Another article on The Duran discusses the involvement of George Soros and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation in the Antifa-spurred Black Lives Matter riots. This news piece is about one week old, yet, it was almost completely buried in the furor of demonstrations and riots being covered all across the United States and even internationally.

Hillary Clinton, for the first time, may be in real trouble. The website Where is the Buzz picked up a CNBC on June 3rd which noted that Hillary Clinton lost her legal challenge to the order for her to be deposed in regards to the now all-but-forgotten unsecured private e-mail server she used to send State-level e-mails.


When the time comes on September 9, Clinton will have to answer for why she deleted 33,000 emails from her private email server, and what they contained. Despite repeated claims that these emails were “personal,” the FBI has already recovered more than 17,000 of them that were, in fact, work-related. Clinton will also have to answer for why senior Obama administration officials knowingly misled the country about what actually happened during the Benghazi attack.


“In late October 2016, shortly before the presidential election, Comey revealed to Congress that the FBI was reviewing emails from the server that had been newly discovered. No charges have ever been filed against Clinton. She is set to appear in court on 9 September 2020.



The trial is for the alleged email scandal in her involvement in Benghazi. [The] court case was held virtually so she did not have to testify under oath. Clinton also allegedly erased emails about her part in taking down Libya Former Prime Minister Muammar al-Gaddafi about Libya[‘s] decision to switch the currency in African countries. Gaddafi suggested to the States of the African continent to switch to a new currency, independent of the American dollar: the gold dinar.

The objective of this new currency was to divert oil revenues towards state-controlled funds rather than American banks. In other words, to stop using the dollar for oil transactions. Countries such as Nigeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Angola were ready to change their currencies. Unfortunately in March 2011, the NATO-led coalition began a military intervention in Libya, which Hillary Clinton allegedly played a huge part in his assassination.
Clinton will have to answer questions from lawyers for the conservative advocacy group Judicial Watch, which we all expect they will be hounding about her private server.

Many believe Clinton deleted emails might have cost her the presidency in 2016 because people couldn’t trust her.

She will have to testify on September 9th, 2020!




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