Hillary Clinton Goes All the Way to Toronto to Bash Trump in Almost Empty Arena

by Thinker

Bill and Hillary Clinton are on their book tour, just like Michelle Obama, and some people are getting a steal of a deal on tickets while others aren’t. One thing for sure that the authors are feeling is a lack of buyers or listeners. As more and more people in the world go to the internet, they are learning about people and history is opening doors to a lot of “TRUTH” about the Clinton’s and the Obama’s that may be playing a factor in the turnouts for their book tours. Michelle bragged about how special her children were and how hard it was to have them, but the instead of seeing the Michelle kissing her newborn, she has a picture of her kissing George Bush. Hillary said it all in Toronto and not supporting the sitting president after an election has never happened the way it is now. Never have I seen the bashing that Donald Trump and his family are getting from those who don’t want the “TRUTH” disclosed…numbers will go down further???

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David Menzies of The Rebel.Media reports: The Billary Show starring Bill and Hillary Clinton hit Toronto recently. And I attended it so that YOU didn’t have to. Watch as I show you some highlights, and ….you’re welcome! MORE:

If Americans didn’t want to see the Clinton’s, then what would have made them think the people of Canada liked them more. Look for the tour in Canada to follow the American one…

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Bill & Hillary Clinton’s 13-City Tour Canceled Due To ‘Poor Ticket Sales’

Clinton’s out of the country while FBI raids home of Clinton Foundation whistleblower???

Was Hillary talking about Donald Trump coverup??? Well, the blowback is happening and those with honor and want “TRUTH” are stepping up. Getting it off your chest and starting over is the best feeling one can feel. Look for more whistleblowers to come forward, who now know Donald Trump is standing by his word!!!

Mike Huckabee and Tammy Bruce weigh on corruption inside the Clinton Foundation.


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